Tuesday, 19 May 2009

12 Hour Cure For Yeast Infection Review

The marketplace has recently become saturated with books, guides and courses teaching you how to treat and cure yeast infections. However one guide seems to stands head and shoulders above the rest. Sarah Summer's "12 Hour Cure For Yeast Infection".

Sarah is a former chronic yeast infection sufferer. She is also a health researcher and an editor of an online medical publication. Sarah has spent many years researching this subject in the hope of finding a natural cure for her own yeast infection condition and helping others. Her Book "12 Hour Cure For Yeast Infection" is the result of all that hard work and research.

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This is my Chapter-by-Chapter review of Sarah Summer's "12 Hour Cure For Yeast Infection".

Chapter One - Specific Treatments For Yeast Infection

This is a very clever approach by Sarah. Yes i definitely want to know about the history of yeast infections, the causes and also how to prevent yeast infections. Like every great book, these topics are covered. However first things first, if you are suffering, you want treatment right NOW! So Sarah get's straight to the treatments in Chapter one.

She will teach you natural healing methods for:-

- Skin Yeast Infection

- Diaper Rash

- Vaginal Yeast Infection

- Penis Yeast Infection

- Nail Yeast Infection

- Mouth (Thrush) and Throat Yeast Infection

- Internal Yeast Infection

- Pregnancy and Yeast Infection

Sarah also covers some of the dangerous treatments that are out there. There is one very common treatment that is extremely dangerous due to the levels of toxicty.

Chapter Two - General Treatments For Yeast Infection

Sarah covers certain topical treatments in this chapter, but also focuses on your diet. There are certain foods that will just aggravate a yeast infection. There are other foods that help to strengthen your immune system and weaken the yeast infection. Just to give you an insight...stay away from sugar and alcohol!

Chapter Three - Introduction To Yeast Infection

I guess this is the chapter that most author's would stick at the beginning. However, Sarah dives straight into treatments and leaves the history lesson for chapter 3. Having said that, this chapter is a great read and a real eye opener. Sarah will help you to understand how yeast infection gets into your system, then spreads around and attacks your cells.

I think once you fully understand the reasoning and theories behind yeast infections, then Sarah's steps for treatment and cure make a lot more sense.

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Chapter Four - What Causes A Candida Albicans Yeast Infection

This chapter aims to educate you about the circumstances when yeast infections can occur. Sarah will provide you with a checklist of environments that are thought ideal for yeast infections to spread.

Sarah will also cover the effects that antibiotics, hormones and stress will have on a yeast infection.

Chapter Five - Why Does My Yeast Infection Keep Coming Back

Sarah discusses in this chapter the reasons your yeast infection may not be fully cured and is likely to return. As with many prescribed drugs, they simply treat the symptoms and don't actually get to the root cause of yeast infections.

Chapter Six - Yeast Infection Symptoms

You should use this chapter as a reference section. A chapter to educate and refer back to if you ever need to.

Chapter Seven - Conventional Medical Treatment Of Yeast Infection

Sarah give's you in-depth advice about the following drugs:-

- Amphotericin

- Butonconazole

- Clotrimazole

- Fluconazole

- Griseofulivin

- Ketoconazole

- Miconazole

- Nystatin

- Terbinafine

- Plus a whole host of other over the counter drugs and medication

Sarah will cover the reason that they haven't worked for you in the past and some of the side effects these drugs can cause!

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Once inside you have access to 2 free bonus books - "Lessons From The Miracle Doctors" & "Rapid Stress Relief”. There is also a members only private website and unlimited one-on-one support.

There are so many great things about this book. Sarah has actually received over 6000 positive testimonials from satisfied customers. There are absolutely no toxic treatments, so you don't have to worry about side effects.

The customer service is fantastic and if you are not happy with your purchase then there is 100% money back guarantee.

If there is one thing to moan about, it is that natural remedies are unique to each and every individual. So what may work for one person may not work for another. So although there is a definite cure for you, you may have to try a few of suggested treatments first till you find one suitable for you.

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